Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NARSID or Tree Well Fatalities

It seems like we hear of NARSID or tree well fatalities far too often. In an effort to help keep others aware of the danger we repost this information from time to time. A recent NARSID fatality in our area has prompted me to post this material again. Please visit the link below:

Winter Mountain Safety Tip-Tree Well and Deep Snow Safety http://bit.ly/1i47M7
Link to article and blog photo from a collaboration of the NW Avalanche Institute, Mt. Baker Ski Area, Crystal Mountain, and Dr. Robert Cadman

Thursday, March 15, 2012

~ Join us in Germany ~

Invitation to the First HEYM Jumbo Challenge 
Special Guest
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

The Heym Jumbo Challenge
Saturday, 21st of April 2012 - Time to face the challenge. The 1st Heym Jumbo Challenge will take place this year. A great program, high value participants and a challenging competition are waiting for you.

The competition will be performed in the latest state-of-the-art indoor shooting ranges in Europe. Renowned companies and hunting experts are happy to share their information about guns and ammo for your next safari. Just fine HEYM guns are permitted in the competition. All prizes will be given to the participants by a drawing. Numbers of participants will be limited due to range capacity. Apply for your ticket now (Contact Stefan Bader-See bottom of article).

The Shooting Competition
Only Heym hunting weapons will be permitted in the competition (caliber and sight information included in the Heym information packet). The range office will make the final decision if a particular rifle can be used. Heym offers numerous rifles to borrow for the competition. Firearm use is at no additional cost. All necessary ammo is included in the starter fee. Simply complete the competition application included in the information packet and check where appropriate if a rental firearm is required. Match or sporting firearms, target bullets, shooting gloves, shooting jackets, recoil pads, etc., are not permitted.

Heym Company Tour
Sunday, 22nd of April 2012 - Use the opportunity to get a closer look at the finest handmade gun manufacturer in Germany. See skilled gunsmiths accomplishing their duty by hammering the barrel and soldering the set of double rifle barrels. Watch how a custom stock is made and how your gun will be sighted dead-on at the company indoor shooting range. This exclusive company tour shows it all. Of course, free catering will be provided.

9 AM to 11:30 AM

Heym Gun Manufacture
Heym Main-Factory
Am Aschenbach 2
9 Gleichamberg

Mark Sullivan Event - The Man Behind the Gun
The world renowned professional hunter Mark Sullivan will present a lecture about his way of hunting and shooting methods with big bore rifles. He will also share his experience with different rifles, calibers, and bullets. These facts are proven in his movies. Register now, limited number of participants.

1200 hours - Lecture Mark Sullivan
1400 hours - Open discussion by the audience with Mark Sullivan
1600 hours – Autograph and photo session with Mark
2200 hours - Meet and greet with Mark in the best Restaurant in Town. Open discussion.

PH Peter Dafner
Peter is a PH from Tanzania, Africa. He has used a .500 NE Heym sidelock for many years and had much experience in shooting and his own style of buffalo hunting. He is specialized in Cape buffalo. Peter will share with you his experience, his knowledge, and his many adventures. He will also teach his own pointing and target techniques he uses on buffalo. He has guided more than 500 buffalo hunts in the last decade, so he knows what he is speaking about.

Side Program: Shooting the Jumbo - Face the Challenge
Mark Sullivan ordered an exclusive Heym double rifle model JUMBO chambered in the .577 Nitro Express caliber. He will offer this great piece of handmade German gunsmith quality for a test shoot. Who dares to fire this monster caliber? Here is the opportunity! Ammo will be sponsored by Heym.

Additional Information
The exhibition show room will be fully equipped with fine Heym bolt action rifles and Heym double rifles. All firearms wait to be inspected by your hands and test fired on the Heym shooting facility range.

Ammo is sponsored by sax ammunition/Germany
(Cal. Germany: 8 x 57 to 11 mm, including some USA Calibers like the .30-06, .270, .300 Winchester Magnum and the old English Calibers: .375 Fl. – .500 NE)

Please contact Stefan to receive an eight page packet containing all the information, dates, points of interest, competition ranges, rules, rifles, photos, etc.

Ing. Stefan Bader