Friday, June 10, 2016

HEYM: Special Model Mark Sullivan Double Rifle

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Spending time with a friend is always a joy. Even more so when your friend shares your passion for doubles and hunting dangerous game up close! This week I was able to visit with my good friend Mark and share my custom HEYM double rifle. Mark was working on one of his own .577 NE doubles so we decided to meet at our mutual friend's home not far from the San Francisco Bay Area to share some stories and compare some notes.

I originally placed my order to build this HEYM rifle when we were both in Germany assisting on the range during a HEYM shooting event. The rifle would be built and delivered during the HEYM 150 Year Anniversary. While placing my order, I selected the wood for the build and tailored several custom options while at the factory. We received this fantastic custom built HEYM about 7 months ago from Germany. 

This particular model is a HEYM best quality boxlock in .577 NE known as the Special Model Mark Sullivan. The base configuration of the receiver is the Model 88-B PH boxlock. Some of the features that I particular like are the special 1920’s Holland & Holland stock design that is very comfortable, handles fabulously, and fits me very well. It has a narrow pistol grip circumference by design, optimized overall weight (12 pounds 5 oz. in this configuration with 23 7/8” barrels).

Standard features are also present such as Krupp Steel/hammer-forged barrels, triple lock-up with double lugs and greener cross-bolt, bolstered frame, articulated front trigger, automatic ejectors, and intercepting sears.

As you can see in the pictures, it also has the extended top and bottom tang, special safety as designed by Mark, Silver’s recoil pad, single screw pistol grip cap, shallow “V” rear sight with gold line, and flip-up front sight.

Since Mark was instrumental in the design and development of this double we wanted to go over it together. We spent time handling the rifle and of course pouring over all the details. We also had our Holland & Holland double handy for comparative points of reference just in case they were needed. Our consensus and the consensus of those with us was that HEYM got it right and did a fabulous job on this Special Model Mark Sullivan!

Here are a few pictures that highlight some of the features:

A quick public thank you to Thomas Wolkmann, all of the great craftsmen and specialists at HEYM DE and also to Chris Sells and his staff at HEYM USA. The professionals at HEYM never disappoint! I greatly appreciate your assistance, professional perspective, craftsmanship, and of course attention to detail.

Special thanks regarding the beautiful finishing touches. The hand engraving was done by Michael Oke from M├╝nnerstadt. Conrad Recknagel in Suhl completed the case color hardening in the traditional way of "bones and charcoal" treatment. 

I am making plans with Mark so we can spend some time together again in Tanzania up close with buffalo and hippo. The right place and the perfect hunts for this great double rifle!