Our Logo (English)

The Diizche Safari Adventures Logo

Our logo was developed in an effort to bring together concepts of nature, people, endurance, and protection. We chose to accomplish this by considering various aspects of Apache culture and tradition, then incorporating those into our design. We felt this would be a great foundation for a very unique and symbolic logo.

The Apache are indigenous peoples of North America consisting of many tribes. Each of the tribes has varying spiritual and mythological beliefs. Collectively, the Apache have often been misrepresented as a people determined to bring destruction to those they encountered. Their culture was, and is, much deeper than their powerful and well-known warfare skills.

Diizche is an Apache word meaning "in or from the four directions." This name was chosen by us for its representation of people, nature and spirituality. The circle of our logo represents the life paths of all creatures from birth to death. The circle, in Apache tradition, is thought to possess special powers which bless a person and also provide protection. We as hunters are a part of the life path of the animals we kill. We are also walking our own circular path.

Four sacred colors are a component of traditional Apache beliefs. These colors are associated with many aspects of their life which include the four cardinal directions and the seasons. The directions and their associated colors are east–black, south–blue, west–yellow and north–white. These colors are visible around the circle of our logo design. Corn tassels were used in our logo to symbolize pollen which is often utilized during Apache ceremony. The elements of the seasons, directions, tradition, ceremony, and blessings for a safe and adventurous hunt are all components of our hunting.

In the center of our logo is a stylized representation of Nayé nazgháné, who is commonly known as "Slayer of Monsters." Slayer of Monsters is part of the Apache Creation Myth and is the foremost culture hero of Apache mythology who set out to rid Earth of its evil. This is an ally we would all want when confronting the most dangerous beasts on Earth.

In conjunction with your personal beliefs and personal preparation, we hope the elements of power contained in our logo will help to keep you safe during your future quests and hunting adventures throughout the world.

Wishing you great hunting and adventures!